What Makes Your World Go Round?

The Big Love logo consists of a heart (containing the words “Big Love”) enfolded in an infinity loop — with one side of the loop holding the words “Personal Spirituality” and the other “Inspired Living”.  At it’s most basic, the symbol represents an infinite universe with a center (“The Heart of the Universe”) that pulsates love in all directions.

The chakra colored infinity loop represents a continuous flow carrying the energy of love out and back, out and back — to both the far reaches of creation and to each part of creation (including every one of us).  At the human level, each of us is invited into the flow of love where we can consider two dimensions of being – expressed as the words in the left and right ovals of the infinity loop.

The loop on the left side, “Personal Spirituality”, is about our nature of being.  Specifically, what is our relationship to the Heart of the Universe, to the Spirit of Love?  In its fullest expression, this encompasses our “world view” — how we make sense and meaning of life itself.

Traditionally, peoples’ world view has been predominantly prescribed by religious institutions. But in today’s world, monolithic viewpoints are being displaced. Gandhi may have said it best when he proclaimed (paraphrased here) that there are as many viewpoints on God as there are people on the planet. We are each called to form — and “own” — our own spiritual viewpoint, a belief system that works for us.

Inspired Living”, on the right-hand side of Big Love’s infinity loop, is about our “doing” nature.  Here we explore our calling in an ongoing inquiry: as the clarity about our relationship to the Heart of the Universe evolves, how do we engage most lovingly?  What is ours to do?  How do we make a difference to ourselves, others, and the universe as a whole?

Years ago we attended a conference featuring Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith as the keynote speaker.  The theme of his talk was “What You Do Is What You Believe”.  His thesis was that our actions express what we actually believe — beliefs which may, in fact, be quite different from the beliefs we profess.

In the best of circumstances, our beliefs and actions align in a mutually reinforcing way. When that happens, we’re “walking our talk” (and “talking our walk”)!  Another way to say this is that when that happens, “we’re in the flow”.  Our being-ness (“Personal Spirituality”) is harmonized with our doing-ness (“Inspired Living”). Our world is turning smoothly as both of these key dimensions are “in sync”.

Getting ourselves “synched-up” in terms of our spirituality and what we do is one of the primary pathways for bringing more “Big Love” into our lives and into the world.  The two go hand-in-hand, informing each other in a dynamic, reciprocally supportive way.

This interdependence is so important that — not only do we make them a highlight of the logo — we will continue to stress them as one of Big Love’s principle inquiries and topics of exploration. It’s our way of doing what we truly believe in service of the greater good!

At Big Love, we prefer not to look at the love-energy that flows forth from “The Heart of the Universe” as an “abstract” idea.  It’s very real and tangible to us — a combination evidenced by  the revelations of science and spirit — and expressed by every part of nature and humanity.  It’s practical, too.  We use it, test it, and adjust to it in our every day experience as we bring Personal Spirituality and Inspired Living into exquisite harmony.  It’s what makes the world go round!

Here’s To Synching Up Spirit and Living — Every Day, In Every Way!
Olivia and Steve

It’s Your Turn!

Here are some topics for reflection:

1.  As you reflect on your beliefs, how much are they truly yours as opposed to ones that you’re holding because some other “authority” has given them to you?

2. Think of times when you’ve clearly been “in the flow”, times what your actions were fully in sync with your beliefs: what feelings do you experience when that happens?

3. Conversely, what do you experience when you become aware of conflicts between your beliefs and your actions? How do you become aware of being in that “condition”?

If you’re willing, please share your responses in the comment section under this blogpost as it appears on the Big Love Community Facebook page.

Big Love News:

Living Spiritfully is an evolving proposition. This week we made subtle but significant changes to the words of the Big Love logo.  Watch from more changes in the near future as we refine our “fundamentals”.

If you there are topics you’d like us to address, please send us an email from our “Contact Us” web page.