Partnering With An Idea of “Big Love”

I believe that our planet is inhabited not only by animals and plants and
bacteria and viruses, but also by ideas. … Ideas are driven by a single
impulse: to be made manifest. And the only way an idea can be made
manifest in our world is through collaboration with a human partner.

― Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear

Elizabeth Gilbert’s premise in her book Big Magic is that ideas are “out there” looking for someone to partner with.  When they show up (knock on the door of our consciousness?) we have the choice of taking their offer or not.  If we choose to partner, they’ll commit to us — as long as we do the work of making them manifest. If not, they’ll move on.

After reading Big Magic, we realized that an idea called “Big Love” (although it took a long time for it to reveal its name) has been trying to partner with us for years.

For us, the “Big Love Idea” has been incredibly patient with us.  We’ve been casually engaged with it for years without fully realizing its nature.  We knew it was there and made several different attempts to bring it forth.  But, either we didn’t understand it or we never felt like we really had the “right stuff” to make it happen. So Big Love itself didn’t coalesce.

Even now, we’re not entirely clear on exactly what the “Big Love Idea” wants to become (we wish it would be more explicit with us — isn’t that part of an idea’s job description?).  But we feel like we’re getting close.  And, perhaps equally important, is that we see how all of the various things we’ve worked on over the years will support this effort!  So, we’re heartened. Everyday we’re feeling more and more in a Big Love Idea frame of mind!

Speaking somewhat generally, our sense is that the Big Love Idea is coming forth to help people move to the next stage of spiritual (and life) evolution.  It feels like we (the so-called “Royal We” — all of us humans) are in a transitionary period.  And the Big Love Idea has arrived to help us move through it.

The wheels are coming off the old systems and the new ones haven’t been created yet.  We feel the change in process, but we don’t quite yet have the new vocabulary or blueprints to move forward with ease and delight.  But this time is ripe for having conversations and doing some exploratory work.  And, our Big Love Idea (partner) is telling us that both of these begin in an orientation that is spirit-based.

Is Big Love A Religion?

So, one might ask: “Is the Big Love Idea a “new” religion?”  Well, “No” and “Yes”.  We see religion as a world view with a framework of norms, ethics, practices and rituals shared among a group of people.  But, in Big Love’s case those are currently non-existent.  So, “No” Big Love is not a religion.

On the other hand, the Big Love Idea is seeking to bring together like-hearted and like-minded people to develop a shared world view — eventually (perhaps) that may include some of the most useful trappings of a religion (without the overbearing hierarchic constraints).  So, “Yes” — Big Love has an orientation toward the basic functions and purposes that religious organizations have filled.

Is Big Love A “Church”?

The next question might be whether or not the Big Love Idea wants to be a “church”?  Again, the answer is “No” and “Yes”.  A church is usually a local organization of a denomination (although it might also be “independent, non-denominational”).  As an entity, its primary function is to bring people together to follow a prescribed set of practices (a.k.a. “dogma”) in a mutually supportive and caring way. Given Big Love’s absence of (and disposition against) “dogma”, we’d have to say “No, Big Love is not a church.”

That said, the Big Love Idea is calling us to create “gatherings”, both “real” (in person) and “virtual” (via the Internet, etc.) that are mutually supportive — ones that have an intent of exploring things from fresh, open, and inclusive viewpoints. Our vision sees these facilitating the development of “Personal Spirituality” and “Inspired Living” (see last week’s blog) for the benefit of all peoples, communities, and creation as a whole.   So, “Yes”, to some extent Big Love may be church-like — at least in some of its activities.

Is Big Love A New Way of Living?

Now we’re getting closer!  When we ask the Big Love Idea if it is a new way of living, it responds immediately and enthusiastically: “Yes! Yes! Yes!”.  Specifically, it is telling us it wants to become a “Go-To For How-To” live more spiritfully, every day in every way!  It wants to be an engaged and interactive resource supplying “tools” and “forums” for people who seek to have “the courage and freedom to live as love”!

The Big Love Idea tells us that “spiritful living” (a term it coined though us — meaning living in an inspired way) calls everyone to run “on all cylinders”.  That is, it is holistic with all parts of each person and organization (physical, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual) fully engaged.

It is more “invitational” (as opposed to “directive”) in nature, asking us each to be fully responsible for forming our own approaches — in both personal and collective ways.  It is collaborative, inclusive, and creative — as if the Big Love Idea itself is humming John Lennon’s song “Imagine” as background musak.

The Big Love Idea also tells us it has a lot of “friends” in its realm — other “ideas” seeking partners aligned with its philosophy and approach.  In other words, the Big Love Idea feels like its an idea whose time has come and it’s inviting anyone who is willing to jump on board!

Olivia and Steve

It’s Your Turn!

What’s your experience with ideas that want to partner with you?  Have you been open and willing to “consider” their proposals? How have you connected with them?  What’s happened as a result?

Write about an idea that you’ve partnered with.  Was it a true partnership with give-and-take and mutual support?  Are ideas “pushy” or “push-overs”?  What types of outcomes have resulted?

If you’re willing, please share your responses in the comment section under this blogpost as it appears on the Big Love Community Facebook page.

Big Love News:

Happy “Spring Day”!  We’re marking the day by simply being in the consciousness of the rhythms of the universe — and feeling Big Love flowing through it and us!  How about you?

We’re getting ready to make the move — back to the Monterey, CA area.  We’ll be taking a “home-finding scouting trip” there shortly after Easter.  If you have a lead to an affordable place for us to live there, we’d appreciate your suggestion!

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