Announcing Big Love 2.0!

Partnering with a “Big Idea” can be a bit dicey. Just when you think you’re totally in sync with one, it seems to want something more.  For instance, we just “launched” the Big Love website a couple of months ago (on Valentine’s Day). And yet today with this blog-post, we’re announcing “Big Love 2.0” — a totally revised website from what we rolled out on February 14th.

Big Love 2.0 (see )represents a broader overview and introduction of Big Love.  Our intention is to present the “Big Picture” of Big Love. In fact, it’s captured in a composite image displayed just beneath the “header” of the Home Page.

Additionally, you’ll find pages for the four major areas of inquiry for Big Love — “Feeling At Home”, “Being Centered”, “Spiritful Living”, and “Being More Grounded”. In addition to containing descriptions of the nature of each, these pages include summaries of courses related to them.  We’ll be offering those in a variety of settings and formats in the coming months.


But lest this becomes solely a report on the website, let’s turn to some key essences of Big Love 2.0 that you might find interesting — perhaps even compelling:

1. Big Love as “Life-ology”: Our focus is on life as Big Love.  Life is a vital, animated, fully interconnected expression of all of creation — the pulse of Big Love that moves through and as everything in the Universe itself — including you and me.

2.  Living TA-DA Today!:  As we become more aligned with, and in, Big Love, we live the life of our dreams — every day in every way.  We call that experience “Living TA-DA Today!”.  That is the intent and objective behind the Big Love adventure.  The more of us who take it, the more TA-DA! we’ll find in the world.

3.  Being Big Love: Two “perspectives” — states of being — provide “context” for living are “Feeling More At Home” and “Being More Centered”.   The more conscious and responsive we are about how we relate to ourselves, others, and the world, the more we feel at home. Similarly, the more aware and willing we are to  deal with issues of safety, meaning, and self-worth, the more prepared we are to meet life on life’s terms.

4. Doing Big Love: Big Love emphasizes action-oriented areas of practice — “Spiritful Living” and “Feeling More Grounded”. “Spiritful Living” harmonizes “Personal Spirituality” and “Authentic Living”. We often refer to this as “Being Freer and Braver” (e.g. in the composite image mentioned earlier).  “Feeling More Grounded” is accomplished by using Big Love’s signature program called “Five Heartbeats” — which consist of Wisdom, Wholeness, Oneness, Co-Creation, and Nitty-Gritty.  The more that you bring these into dynamic balance, the more you are grounded for successful day-to-day and long-term living.

5.  Benefitting From Big Love:  In many respects the “Being” and the “Doing” of Big Love are by their very nature interactive, interdependent, and almost interchangeable. They are like “Yin and Yang” or “Matter and Energy”. You can’t have one without the other, at least if you want a sense of completeness. Together they make a whole — i.e. they are “holistic”.

On a tangible basis, you’ll realize more of the results that you seek.  At the general level, you’re also likely to have a sense of “Being Fully Alive” and “Feeling More Inspired”. These have a compounding — perhaps exponential effect — of “even more to come.”


To help “reify” (make real) these ideas, coincident with this announcement of Big Love 2.0, we are also releasing an all-new, 14-page “FREE REPORT” available to those who sign up to receive the weekly Big Love Newsletter (if you’ve signed up already, we’ll send you a link to download this separately).  The FREE REPORT not only gives you a “Bird’s Eye View” of Big Love 2.0 — it also invites you to experiential activities of “Being”, “Doing”, and “Benefiting” from Big Love in personal, hands-on ways!

The more we work in partnership with this Big Love Idea, the more we see it as opening a new page, a new phase in our lives. Our hope is that you might experience the same sensations — and become willing to become ever more engaged with Big Love ideas moving in you!

Here’s To More TA-DA! and More Big Love!

Olivia & Steve

It’s Your Turn! 

What new insights about Big Love (both the Big Love Community and Big Love in you) come up as you read and reflect on this blog-post?

Suggestion:  Get Big Love’s new FREE REPORT (to receive your copy, simply sign up for The Big Love News and you’ll be given  a link to download it — To sign up, click here) and work with it.  In it are 7 Easy Ways to Bring More Big Love Into Your Life! What’s new in you as a result of it?

If you’re willing, please share your responses in the comment section under this blogpost as it appears on the Big Love Community Facebook page.

Big Love News:
There is also now a FAQ page on the website  (under the “About” page – to view it, click here) which speaks to some of the more specific questions about both “The Big Love Community” and “The Big Picture of Big Love” — as well as the details behind a composite image of Big Love that is featured on the Home Page.If you there are topics you’d like us to address, please send us an email from our “Contact Us” web page.