A Moving Experience – With Five Heartbeats

When it comes to life’s “Nitty-Gritty”, moving must rank right up there as one of the ultimate “nitty-gritty” experiences there is. Being in Week Four (will it ever end?) of our latest relocation, we thought it appropriate to offer up some observations on the process while we’re it the midst of making one — sort of a “case study” in the application of Big Love’s “Five Heartbeats”.

As one of those “Heartbeats”, Nitty-Gritty refers to “taking care of life’s everyday business.  The idea is that as we take care of day-to-day details, the more that we incorporate and express Wisdom, Wholeness, Oneness, and Co-Creation in them the better things will go.  Today, we look at what we’re experiencing in our move as a way of illustrating the Nitty-Gritty approach in action.  So, here goes….

Moving is, almost by definition, a life-changing experience.  First of all, one is changing relationships at multiple levels.  Most obvious, there is the change with respect to the planet.  When departing from Redmond, WA, we’d intended to settle in Monterey, CA.  But after a few days of home-hunting there, it was clear that Spirit had other plans for us.  Apparently, we were meant to return to San Diego.

Big Love’s “Wisdom” confirmed this by how easily (and rather promptly and opportunistically) we were guided to a place in San Diego. We found one that was immediately available (we found it on Saturday and began moving in on Sunday) and favorably priced from our budget standpoint.  While it didn’t conform to all of our preconceived desires in terms of space and “creature comfort” criteria,  the place we were led to included some unexpected environmental and recreational “bonuses” that far exceeded our fondest expectations.  It would seem that “going with the flow” of Wisdom creates the space for grace!

With the “high level” aspects of the move falling into place, next comes the “real” Nitty-Gritty —  all of the attendant details of packing, hauling, unpacking, and arranging (and then, in all likelihood, re-arranging) of one’s “stuff” — ranging from furniture to clothing to all of life’s other “essentials” (including, many seemingly questionable “non-essentials”).  The piece-by-piece decision-making associated with each item can feel totally overwhelming.

But we’ve been taking our time, working on first-things-first priorities and letting things unfold.  Yes, the urge to “get settled” feels pressing (after all, there are blogs to write, etc.).  But, more importantly, taking the time to sit with things and see what feels good and what doesn’t is leading to a greater sense of comfort.

That’s where allowing the space for “re-arranging” yields dividends.  It’s where the “Wholeness” dimension of Big Love’s “Five Heartbeats” comes in:  even if mentally our “head” tells us the TV goes “there”, it has to move if our emotions don’t agree! It’s amazing how much better the results are when we let all aspects of ourselves come into balance!

Nonetheless, because the layout of this new place is quite different than any place we’ve previously lived, our first thought was that we needed to buy some new furniture “to make it work”.  We trekked off to IKEA and found some things that we believed fit our needs.  But, when the first piece was assembled, it became obvious we’d made the wrong decision.

Reflecting on what we’d left behind in our storage unit, we suddenly realized that if we “repurposed” some of our existing furniture, it would work fine.  We disassembled the IKEA piece (much easier than assembling!), returned it, and brought our other furnishings home.  They worked perfectly!  Problem solved thanks to the activity of Big Love “Co-Creation”!

There have been times, due to the many unexpected twists and turns encountered in this move, that one or both of us have felt stressed out — including (blush, blush) some spontaneous expressions of frustrations. Additionally, there have been several instances when we’ve needed to negotiate some sticky issues with others — e.g. lease terms and maintenance/service issues.

But by holding a space of trusting support for each other until new perspectives appeared — and treating others with dignity and respect until issues were resolved — everything has worked out far better than under “ordinary” circumstances.  Big Love’s principle of “Oneness”  has blessed us and made our path easy in each instance — bringing us relief, comfort, and a sense of confidence that even better things are on the way!

What more can we say?  Consciously applied, Big Love’s Five Heartbeats have proved practical, supportive, and effective during this  (pardon the pun — but in addition to being Spiritfully Meaningful, Inspirational, and Relevant, they’re meant to also be Fun!) “Moving Experience”. And, while our relocation may not be of mythic proportions, we hope our saga about it provides helpful perspectives on how to use them for the Nitty-Gritty of your life!

Hurray for Five Heartbeats!

Olivia & Steve


It’s Your Turn!

Give it a try — create your own “case study”!  Take a few moments to reflect on a “moving experience” (not necessarily a relocation — but something in your life that was a “challenge”).   Review it in terms of Big Love’s “Five Heartbeats”:  were they present in your experience?  If so, how were they helpful?  If not …. well, maybe you could imagine applying them and see if you might have had a different type of outcome.

If you’re willing, please share your responses in the comment section under this blogpost as it appears on the Big Love Community Facebook page.


Big Love News:

As indicated in this blog, we’re still in the process of resettling. That’s news enough in itself …. isn’t it?

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