The Pause That Refreshes — And Motivates!

It is true that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.
The student hears the inner call to be, and decides to heed it.
The heeding of the call summons the teacher from within,
and so the spiritual master arrives.

~ Wayne Teasdale in The Mystic Heart ~

If you’re finding yourself feeling somewhat frustrated, uncertain, and/or confused these days, know that you’re by no means alone.  For those of us with a “forward looking” view (we prefer not to use terms like “progressive”, “liberal”, or “evolutionary” — anyone got a substitute for those that don’t carry their baggage?), what we’re hearing now is that people are uneasy or even deeply disturbed with what’s happening.

They want things to be different … but they feel unsure both about what to do and how to do it. It’s almost like things are in suspended animation. Or perhaps it’s like cognitive dissonance …. There is a knowing that things need to be done. But, actually getting into action doesn’t feel quite right — at least at this point in time.

It’s like we’re waiting for something.  But exactly what that “something” is, we seem not to know.  We’re like penguins on the edge of the ice floe, waiting for one to take the plunge so that the rest might follow.  The question is which one of us is the lead penguin?

Despite uncertainty, there is hope in this situation.  Here’s why: if we know that something is wrong (even if we can’t fully articulate just what “it” is), by definition we also know what “something is right” looks like … At a deeper level, we know the answer …. and, more likely than not, we also know what needs to be done to fix it.

[Really! We do:  Pause for a moment to connect with something that is bothering you.  Make a note of it. [Pause]. Now make a not about what “right” looks like. [Pause] Finally, note what needs to be done to make things OK. [Pause]  Reflect on what you’ve just experienced.]

In essence, this simple process is a spiritual one — one of calling forth your inner spiritual master.  When we take time to connect with and ask and listen to and “push things around” with the sage within, our perspective changes. We gain clarity on what is ours to do and how to do it.

We know this personally — it took an entire day for us to define what this blog was going to be about and to get it to this point.  It came together only after we took the parenthetical pause described in italics two paragraphs above.  As soon as we did, things started flowing.  We listened to the inner voice and felt motivated to spring into action!

Accessing “the teacher within” is at its essence, of course, a practice of prayerful meditation. In presenting the idea in his book The Mystic Heart, however, Wayne Teasdale elevated it to a more societal issue, writing:

We live in a culture that is blind to the spiritual life. It is spiritually
illiterate, morally confused, psychologically dysfunctional, and heavily
addicted to violence, entertainment, and consumerism. It is “religious”
to a point – that is, as long as it doesn’t cost too much. Most Americans,
we are told, believe in God, but too few realize that life is a spiritual
process,  a journey in which certain skills of self-mastery have to be
earned. We cannot depend on our culture either to guide or support
us in our quest.  We must do the hard work of clarification ourselves.

(Wayne Teasdale, The Mystic Heart, p. 120)

Brother Wayne “nailed it” with his words.  At the broader level, the problems of not knowing and/or not doing is a reflection of a broad tendency of forgetting to follow spiritual processes in dealing with the Nitty-Gritty of life. Collectively (if not individually) we’ve become disconnected from our spiritual essence.

This, we believe, is why the underlying concepts of Big Love are so important — not just to us but to all of you who  are reading this blog. We need to remember — and apply — our spiritual essence in all that we are and do.  As each of us “heed the call”, let us delightfully and generously receive our inner teacher. We’re ready.  Are you?

Here’s To Our Inner Guides!
Olivia & Steve

It’s Your Turn!

Check in with yourself:  How frequently do you create the space for your “inner spiritual teacher” advise you?  In what ways, if any, would you like to change your consciousness and/or practices in this regard?

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