It’s “Interdependence Day”!
“It’s either co-existence — or no existence…”

It’s September 12th — and that means it’s “Interdependence Day”.  Since it’s not likely to get much coverage in the mainstream media, we feel compelled to do our best to raise consciousness about it.  After all, the tagline (shown above) that accompanied it’s founding has a certain urgent call to it (perhaps even more so in the wake of Hurricane’s Harvey and Irma — and other recent flooding events in South Asia).

Do you suppose it’s time to take the idea more seriously?

We, The World launched “Interdependence Day”  in September of 2002 at the UN Earth Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg, South Africa.  Subsequently, when Benjamin Barber the founder of the Interdependence Movement learned about it, Dr. Barber and We decided to collaborate to establish September 12th as the “official” annual date for “Interdependence Day”.

Since 2004, celebrating it has been one of the anchoring events of We’s yearly program known as “11 Days of Global Unity”.  Currently underway, it begins on September 11th and ends on September 21st — the UN’s “International Day of Peace”. (See “It’s Your Turn” below to learn how to participate — including viewing daily live-streams by world-class luminaries.)

The “Declaration of Interdependence” provides the easiest and most direction way to connect with the idea.  Here it is in its entirety:



In acknowledgment of the many existing documents and efforts that promote peace, sustainability, global interconnectedness, reverence for life and unity, We, The World hereby offers the following Declaration of Interdependence as a guiding set of principles. It is inspired by the Earth Charter, the essential values of which represent those of the many peoples of the Earth.


We, the people of planet Earth,
In recognition of the interconnectedness of all life
And the importance of the balance of nature,
Hereby acknowledge our interdependence
And affirm our dedication
To life-serving environmental stewardship,
The fulfillment of universal human needs worldwide,
Economic and social well-being,
And a culture of peace and nonviolence,
To ensure a sustainable and harmonious world
For present and future generations

It’s an idea that is worthy of support.

Today’s livestream on “11 Days of Global Unity” featured Steve Farrell of Humanity’s Team and Rev. Michael Beckwith of the Agape Center.  Rev. Beckwith suggested that we might start each day by asking the question: “What is my assignment today?”  He went on to say, “Everyone can’t do everything, but everyone can do some thing … So choose something and do it today.”

One thing we can all do today is sign “The Declaration of Interdependence”.  If that sounds like a “some-thing” you’re willing and capable of today, you can do it at .  Do it now!  View it as an expression of your willingness to commit to help it become a consciousness in your life and in the all of the world.

When we signed it, we added this comment:  “As we recognize Interdependence we honor the one of the most basic framework and essentials of our Universe.  Let us raise our consciousness and celebrate it each and every moment!

We hope that you will add to this by sharing your own words of encouragement and inspiration!

Make A Difference — Come Out For Interdependence Today!

Olivia & Steve

It’s Your Turn! 

11 Days of Global Unity includes a FREE on-line presentations by We, The World in collaboration with the Shift Network.  From 9/11 – 9/21, there are daily live-stream broadcasts at 10 AM Pacific Time.  Recordings of each are posted shortly after each event and can also be viewed at no cost for a few following days.

Here is the schedule of topics and presenters:

•    September 11 (Mon)  – Unity – Marianne Williamson
•    September 12 (Tues)  – Interdependence – Michael B. Beckwith & Steve Farrell
•    September 13 (Weds) – Environment – Sheik H.H. Abdul Aziz bin Ali Al Nuami
•    September 14 (Thurs) – Economic Justice – Nwanaka Agbo
•    September 15 (Fri) – Health – Dr Rangan Chatterjee & James Maskell
•    September 16 (Sat)  – Children And Youth – Arooj Javed & Carlos Palma
•    September 17 (Sun) – Women – Sande Hart & Despina Namwembe
(with Special Bonus – Tiffani Sharp)
•    September 18 (Mon)  – Human Rights – Robert Thurman
•    September 19 (Tues) – Freedom – Ralph Nader
•    September 20 (Weds)  – Disarmament – Jonathan Granoff
•    September 21(Thurs)  – Peace – Deepak Chopra, Karenna Gore, & Kabir Sehgal

To access the program, go to the website:

If you’re willing, please share your responses in the comment section under this blogpost as it appears on the Big Love Community Facebook page.

Big Love News:

Update on our first Big Love Gathering:  Fourteen of us came together for an interesting and engaging discussion last Wednesday.  Following that event, as we reflected on the overall experience of the evening, it seemed evident that we need to make certain changes before continuing.  So we have postponed further meetings while we revisit the drawing board!  Stay tuned for more!If there are topics you’d like us to address, please send us an email from our “Contact Us” web page.