A Matter of Spirit

Since the (yet-again-another-) mass shooting in Las Vegas last Sunday, we’ve been weighing our options on how to respond — and watching how others do (or don’t).

There seem to be three general “camps” of respondents: (1) those who hold the victims, families, and our country in prayer, (2) those who call for some (usually nominal) response by tightening gun controls, and (3) those who say that this is not the time to discuss the possibility of legislation on weapons.

At the risk of sounding cynical: we’ve heard all this before …. and before …. and before … ad nauseum. Although, in some ways, we’re even hearing worse things than ever. We understand, for instance, that one notable pundit opined that “…the sacrifice of a few lives is simply the cost of upholding the freedom of Americans [to own guns].

That’s over the top.

It’s time to elevate the discussion — and to do our best to rise up to a new level of consciousness.

Let’s call it as it is: What we have here, folks, is a spiritual problem — an extreme defect in the expression of the human spirit.

At our most essential spiritual nature, there is absolutely no justification for the argument that the right to own weapons prevails above the basic right of living.

Certainly, there are ways to interpret the 2nd Amendment to assert a right to own guns (although we find that claim to be of dubious merit, since the Constitution says gun ownership falls within the constraint associated with a “well regulated militia).

But, when all is said and done, the Constitution is a man-made document. As such, it does not override the natural, inborn, innate human right to live. Furthermore, the 2nd Amendment is subservient to the basic rights of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” — the most fundamental basis and essence of the Constitution itself.

To fail to understand and grasp this principle is to fail in our role as “Spiritual Beings Having A Human Experience”. And this is not a new idea. It is certainly as old as Moses and the Ten Commandments — which include the admonition “Thou Shall Not Kill”. That’s #6 of the 10 — see Exodus 20:13 or Deuteronomy 5:17.

Whether or not you’re a person of “The Book”, this has long-standing in Western civilization. Oh, and yes, various priests, clerics, philosophers, and (worst of all) politicians have provided justification in attempts to pervert this basic idea (e.g. “the just war” argument of Thomas Aquinas).

But what’s going on now in our society (American and elsewhere across the globe) is beyond the pale.

Other countries have “bitten” the proverbial “bullet” and successfully established strong gun controls — Australia, Canada, Germany, Japan, Switzerland, and the UK to name a few. For those countries, gun control is a matter of common sense. Their citizens enjoy fundamental freedoms of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”.

Americans can do the same. Heck, Marshall Dillon, one of our childhood heroes from the radio and TV series “Gunsmoke”, invoked the law of “checking firearms” in the Marshall’s office when someone arrived in Dodge City. That was a matter of public policy. And, it made Dodge City a safer, saner place.

Whether we call our situation a matter of common sense, an issue of public safety, or a spiritual problem, the time has come to say “Enough is enough.” It’s time for peace-loving, life-loving Americans to stand up to the bullying of the NRA and its supporters (including the politicians who are in the NRA’s back pocket) by saying this is no longer a “political” or “constitutional” issue.

This is a matter that calls us to connect with our basic humanity — and the Spirit from which life itself flows. This is more than a matter of life and death — it’s a matter of Spirit!

Let The Peace, Justice, Love, and Freedom of The Truth of Spirit Ring!

Olivia & Steve


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