An Urgent Message From Your Children

Sometimes we come across a video that makes us smile — and gives us “God bumps” at the same time. It’s even better when the video has a message that takes us to a “Higher Place”. Here’s an example from today, one that speaks for itself:

Do you feel moved by this video (and the kids featured in it)?

Does it make the ancient message of Jesus (“You must be like a child to enter the Kingdom…”) seem relevant and contemporary?

Do you share the passion and wisdom that these kids express?

Do you feel like forwarding a copy of it to the elected officials who represent you (in your state capital and in Washington, D.C.)?

We feel blessed to be in San Diego where the weather is favorable for getting out into nature (even if its only a walk around our neighborhood) almost every day. When we do go out, we take note of both the beauty (e.g. flowers, butterflies, birds, — and other people walking). It’s a mindful practice to appreciate creation.

We also note the not so pretty (e.g. the jets and other aircraft taking off from Miramar Airfield with their air and noise pollution — “protecting” us from “enemies” that are basically non-existent or of our own making. Cleaning up our bellicosity would also be an environmentally friendly move).

But the weather doesn’t always have to be “ideal” to experience nature. When we were on our house-sitting sabbatical in Redmond, WA, last year, we got out in the rain and the snow and enjoyed the outdoors just the same. In fact, some of the most beautiful times were on the days after snowfall when the trees glistened with sparkling whiteness and the snow crunched under our feet. We might say that even though the weather isn’t always ideal, it is always “perfect” for being connected with Mother Nature.

One simple way we show our appreciation is by picking up any litter we come across while walking. Perhaps that’s not a “big deal”, but it is caring for the environment. It feels aligned with “An Urgent Message From Your Children” — and reminds us to do more as we can.

“Co-Creation” is the fourth of Big Love’s “Five Heartbeats”. We’d say that “An Urgent Message From Your Children” serves as an excellent example of that. Obviously, the video alone is an expression of co-creativity — lots of people were involved in producing it.

But, perhaps even more importantly, the invitation to post a video of your own (by your “kids” or “the kid in you”) is a call to become co-creatively involved. So, if you’re so inclined, “Just go for it!” If not, take some action that will support the environment — if not for your own benefit, for that of future generations. You’ll be blessing yourself, our heirs, and the earth herself!

Get Co-Creative — It’s Urgent For the Future!

Olivia & Steve


It’s Your Turn! 

This information is from the YouTube page for the video.  It contains your “Mission Impossible”, should you choose to accept it:

Go to to add your own video today!

An Urgent Message From Your Children is a Public Service Video Series featuring children speaking in their own words to adults, expressing their fears, concerns and their hopes for the future of our planet, and making an appeal to all of us to respond with appropriate urgency.

We made the video above with an incredible group of kids (all under 13 years old). We encourage kids — together with their parents, teachers or friends — to add their own videos at

Produced, Directed and Edited by Carole Hart, Rick Ulfik and Eric Davis For We, The World and the WE Campaign at In Association with The Laughing Willow Company, Inc. and Endelclock, Inc.

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