Imagining Oneness

You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will live as one

“Imagine” by John Lennon

He was in a pub 450 miles away when he heard of the terrorist attack. Without a second thought, he headed home, loaded his gear into a trailer and began his overnight drive to the site of the atrocities. The next morning, he unloaded his baby grand piano (an instrument that he himself had built), hitched it to his bicycle, and pulled it across town.

There was a crowd of journalists milling around outside of the Bataclan Night Club when he arrived. As he sat down at the keyboard, they encircled him. Then he began — playing John Lennon’s “Imagine”. Recorded on video and posted on the Internet, the scene moved the world. The Paris attack had happened only the previous evening (November 13, 2015), but already the healing had begun.

The pianist is Davide Marello, a German of Italian descent, who is also known as Klavierkunst (literally translated as “Piano Art”). It’s not the first time he’s shown up in healing moments. He also played in Paris after the Charlie Hebdo attack earlier that year as well as after incidents in Turkey and Kiev. He’s even played to troops in Afghanistan.

According to his website, Klavierkunst’s goal is to play in every world capital. To us, it is moving that he has a vision and is living it. And, in our mind, the fact that he plays “Imagine” suggests even more — namely, that he has a vision for the world. Let’s say his vision is “And the world shall live as one!

Big Love can go with that. Let’s adopt it is our vision: “And the world shall live as one!” OK …. you may say that we are dreamers. But, we’re not saying that it is something we expect to see instantly — or even in the near term future. Rather, we’re thinking of this vision as a direction — a trajectory that we can all move towards. Is that too much to ask?

This week, for instance, we’re moved by the response by students of Parkland, FL’s Marjory Stoneham Douglas High School to the horrific mass shooting there. They’re standing up for what’s right — for what can bring more “Oneness” into our country. Their determined call for legislation to make America safer is inspirational. They are demanding that lawmakers and citizens step out of their comfort zone and support efforts to curb gun violence.

Sure, there will be those who advocate in opposition to them, but by stepping forward by saying “Enough is Enough” and calling for a “March for Our Lives” in D.C. on March 24th, the students are singing “lyrics” of their own akin to “And the world shall live as one!”

Students from Parkland and elsewhere standing up together, Klavierkunst towing his piano to Paris to play “Imagine”, or the Freedom Marchers of the 1960’s singing “We Shall Overcome” are all examples of having vision and taking action. And it is action that makes all the difference. That’s the way that vision is made manifest. That’s how we get to the place of fulfillment where “… the world shall live as one!

We’ve marked our calendars for action on March 24th. While it’s unlikely we can join the “March for Our Lives” in D.C., no doubt we can find a way to lend our support together with like-minded people here in San Diego. Will you be doing the same? Let’s all be …..

Living As One – Right Here and Now!

Olivia & Steve


It’s Your Turn! 

What do you experience when you “see” people taking a stand for “The Greater Good”?  Does it inspire you to do the same?  If you do feel inspired, what more would it take for you to act on what is moving inside you?

[To see Klavierkunst in action, view him by clicking the YouTube link that follows. Watch him first position his piano by moving his bicycle.  Then see him play.  What’s his demeanor? What’s happening around him?  Watch now: ]

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