About Big Love

Reigniting The Courage and Freedom To Live As Love

Why We Created Big Love


It has been our experience, and the experience of many others, that, as people, we all flourish much more easily when we have a “place” – virtual or “real world” – where we can go and ground ourselves in what really matters to us – individually, for our families, our communities, and our world. Our hope is that the Big Love is that place.

As our world feels increasing more unstable and uncertain it is reassuring to know we can always return to this —

  • a fresh, new, inclusive, mutually supportive community
  • one full of spirit, meaning, inspiration, relevance, and fun
  • where we can  “reignite the freedom and courage to live as love”

— no matter what is going on around us. As Nietzsche said, “It is in the chaos that we give birth to the dancing star!

It is our intention that Big Love will provide the inspiration, tools, and structures on how to “connect the dots” and “lead with our hearts”; we’ve got your back here. Consider Big Love as the “Go-To For How-To” create more Big Love.

The world needs you and your unique magnificence, more now than ever before!  As our community grows, we will come together as a greater force for “BIG LOVE” as a way of life. Imagine what might be possible!

And we very much look forward to exploring, learning, growing, and changing with you as we GROW BIG LOVE in the world so we all thrive together — inspiring, cultivating, and empowering the best in each of us to co-create the best for all of us!

May We Have This Dance With You?

Olivia Maynard as Co-Founder:


As Chief Heart Sherpa” and “Magnifiteer”, Olivia brings her rich and varied experiences, perspectives, energies, and skills as a Peace Corps Volunteer, Certified Coach, Marketer, Speaker, and Visionary Co-Creator to inspire, cultivate, and empower the best in each of us to create the best for all of us, and all of creation too!

Her deep commitment to supporting each person’s unique heart’s calling and authentic aliveness ensures that everyone she partners with grows confidently – equipped with a solid foundation of self-mastery, and easy-to-use tools – so they truly live their unique and magnificent purpose, and experience an abundance of happiness, meaning, and limitless freedom in all aspects of their lives!


Steve Maynard as Co-Founder:


Steve is a visionary leader in the areas of spirituality, the human life flow, and the practical aspects of living full-out.  He holds degrees from Harvard and Columbia universities and post-graduate certificates in fields of studies related to life-coaching, spirituality, evolution, and cosmology. Having resided in eight major metro areas in the U.S., lived four Asian countries, and served in both American- and  European-based global entities, he has the broad cultural perspective of being a “world citizen”.

Following a long career in management of technology, environmental, and consulting organizations, Steve was ordained in ministry more than a decade ago. By bringing insights from all of these experiences, he is able to “Connect the Dots” to create fresh, new, engaging, and compelling ways for “reigniting the fire of the human spirit”!