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 Key Features and Benefits of The “Big Love” Community

"Big Love" Essentials
Here are some primary features and benefits of “Big Love” as it comes into ever fuller expression as a “real” and “virtual” community. Click on the “+” sign of each one to learn more!
“Big Love” is a community of people who wish to consciously connect with and bring more Big Love into their day-to-day lives.
It’s an emergent “movement”  of people who want to “walk the talk” of Big Love in a day-by-day, moment-to-moment basis. We do this by embracing, experiencing, and practicing the idea of “having the courage and freedom to live as Big Love!”
“Big Love” invites exploration of topics that are critical to our lives in spiritfully meaningful, inspiring, relevant, and fun ways!
The Psalmist proclaimed, “Without vision, the people perish.”  “Big Love” looks at both vision and guidance in areas such as “Spiritful Living”, “Feeling At Home”, and “Being Centered” that provide context and direction for living.
Big Love is open and inclusive in discerning but non-judgemental ways
Valuing both generous listening and generative dialogue, we honor and respect a kaleidoscope of viewpoints as a basic human right. Curios and willing, we are committed to deepening knowledge and understanding in the quest to discover what is true and meaningful in life.
“Big Love” introduces ways and means of having both a laser-like focus and an expansive embrace of Big Love.
A key guiding principle is the idea “What you do is what you believe!”  It follows that as we “do” Big Love, we and the world become more expressive of it.  “Big Love” is “The Go-To For How-To” actually live Big Love — and let it become more all-pervasive in the world.
“Big Love” calls forth ceativity and willingness to make a difference for the greater good
It is an idea that we all can “partner with” (a concept advanced by Elizabeth Gilbert in Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear). In today’s globalized, Internet-enhanced world, we have access to wisdom and knowledge in ways previously unknown.  It’s up to us — individually and collectively — to harness it in ways that lead to a quality of life beyond our wildest dreams.
Big Love is a community of people committed to action
We follow the notion of being “Spiritual Activists” — of walking our talk in positive, proactive ways — sharing of our time, talents, and treasures freely and joyfully.
“Big Love” is reigniting the fire of the human spirit, the active presence of “Big Picture Big Love” in the world.

Big Love is, of course, always present. Ultimately, it’s the energy, the force, the substance that is vital and undeniable in all of Creation.  As a consciousness, a movement, and a community “Big Love” is simply creating a greater awareness of and commitment to it. In other words, “Big Love” is a spark and kindling to brighten its blaze.  In the words of Teilhard de Chardin:

Someday, after mastering the winds, the waves, the tides and gravity, 
we shall harness for God the energies
of love, and then, for a second 
time in the history of the world, man will have discovered fire.
~ Pierre Teilhard de Chardin ~

Seeing “The Big Love Community” In The

Context Of The Big Picture of Big Love

In the previous section we explored some key characteristics of “Big Love” — that is, our “Big Love” community and what appears on this “Big Love” website.  In the following section, we consider aspects of Big Love in a general, over-arching, and a philosophical “Big Picture” concept:

Some Primary Aspects of “The Big Picture of Big Love”

Big Love As An Experience of "Spiritful Living"
As we explore “The Big Picture” of Big Love, we find a new perspective and consciousness that is like a “Welcome Home!” Consider the following aspects of Big Love — and learn more about each by clicking the “+” button.
Big Love is the desire for the best for all and the practice of living that way, every day in every way.
In their book Active Hope, Joanna Macy and Chris Johnstone tell us that the Buddhist’s term for this is “bodhichitta — a conscious desire for the welfare of all beings.”  We like to describe this idea as holding an intention to call forth “the best in each of us to bring forth the best for all of us”.
Big Love is being aligned with the natural evolution and ecology of the cosmos — our universe and everything in it.
This means honoring both the uniqueness of each individual part and the integration of the whole.  It also means sensing the directionality and purpose of its ever increasing complexity and catching the ubiquitous, harmonizing pulse of all creation —“The Heartbeat of The Universe”.
Big Love is transcending (but including) the supernatural and embracing both the known and the unknown.
Wisdom traditions have much to teach us, particularly when viewed metaphysically (beyond the literal, the metaphorical, and the mythical levels). But the ever-expanding insights from the sciences bring us to new, awe-filled understanding and appreciation of nature — and expose us to the mystery about what remains — what is yet-to-be revealed.
Big Love is committing to doing one’s best to practice loving-kindness and to deeply value the highest ethics and morals commonly shared across all humanity.
As the Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu point out in The Book of Joy, there is strength in diversity.  No single religious tradition or world view is likely to become singularly dominant.  Instead, we are called to find the highest common denominators shared by all peoples — and live joyfully together while honoring our differences.
Big Love is finding ourselves — as individuals and communities — within the overall context of Creation and fully participating in it.
As much as we might prefer to see humans as separate from the rest of Creation (and with dominion over it), the reality is that we are part of it.  As part of Big Love, we are called to care for and co-create with it.  In the final analysis, caring for our home is caring for ourselves.
Big Love is humbly discovering our own gifts and being willing to bring them forth for the greater good.
Without becoming self-important or egotistical, we learn to appreciate our particular uniqueness and share it with the world.  We go “to the intersection of our great joy and the world’s deep need” (a concept coined by Frederick Buechner in an appendix of  Richard Bolle’s perennial best seller What Color Is Your Parachute?) in sacred service that is practical and earthy — and spiritful and joyfully fulfilling. It is through our relationships with others and the world that we realize Safety, Meaning, and Self-Worth.
Big Love is about living fully in the "here and now" as opposed to living for the “here-after”.
For centuries (especially since the 13th century’s scourge of the Black Plague according to the late Thomas Berry), Western culture has had a fixation about “getting to heaven” as opposed to experiencing life as heaven on earth.  In Big Love, we realize that we connect with the concept of being eternal — as spiritual beings having a human experience.  In our human form, we are all made of “stardust”, part of the cosmic recycling machine of our Universe.

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Welcome … What Is Big Love?

Big Love brings a fresh, new, and visionary approach to life — one brimming with spirit, meaning, inspiration, relevance, and fun for today’s world. Our aim is to inspire, cultivate, and empower the best in each of us to co-create the best for all of us and for all creation.

Big Love may be for you if you want to experience some or all of the following:


Composite Overview of Big Love

Experiencing Big Love By …


  • FEELING MORE INSPIRED Big Love uplifts and guides us.
  • FINDING GREATER CONNECTEDNESS – Big Love brings together like-minded, like-hearted people.
  • BEING FREER AND BRAVER – Big Love helps us to courageously bring our dreams to life.
  • FEELING MORE AT HOME – Big Love explores all aspects of our relationships.
  • BEING MORE CENTERED – Big Love expands our consciousness.
  • FEELING MORE GROUNDED – Big Love provides a fully-integrated approach to life.
  • FEELING FULLY ALIVE –  Big Love liberates us to live full out.

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Primary Dimensions and Resulting Benefits of Big Love’s Approach


  • FEELING MORE INSPIRED – Big Love uplifts and guides us to our most cherished values. We know what is true for us and how to live it – expressing both our being and doing more fully every day in every way.
  • FINDING GREATER CONNECTEDNESS – Big Love brings together like-minded, like-hearted people in a mutually supportive, visionary, inclusive community – both “real” and “virtual”. Here we discover more Safety, Meaning, and Self-Worth.
  • BEING FREER AND BRAVER – Together in Big Love, we trust and follow The Voices of Our Hearts to courageously bring our dreams to life – calling forth The Heart of the Universe, right here and right now!
  • FEELING MORE AT HOME – Big Love explores our relationships with ourselves, each other, and the Universe as a whole. Fully oriented and living comfortably in our own skin, we know who we are and where we are – and what to do.
  • BEING MORE CENTERED – Big Love expands our consciousness about the existential essentials of Safety, Meaning, and Self-Worth, increasing our ability and commitment to do what is our to do.
  • FEELING MORE GROUNDED – Big Love’s “Five Heartbeats” serve as a framework for a reliable, consistent, holistic, fully-integrated approach to life featuring both stability and flexibility. We have a context for our every choice.
  • FEELING FULLY ALIVE –  Big Love liberates us to live full out. By consciously choosing to “Partner with Big Ideas”, we become more impactful. We make more of a difference in our own lives, our communities, and the world as a whole.


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All too often, we have opportunities to learn new ideas about life, but are left to ourselves when it comes to putting them into action.  We learn the “whats” to do, but not “how-to’s”. Big Love is much more than just a philosophy.   At Big Love, one of our primary commitments is to provide common-sense,  pragmatic education, tools, and support systems to handle both the recurring and periodic “challenges” of life with greater ease, grace, and delight.

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