Community Big Love

Sharing and Using Big Love Principles For the Greater Good

We are summoned to become fully human. We must mature into people who are,
first and foremost, citizens of Earth and residents of the universe,
and our identity and core values must be recast accordingly.  

~ Bill Plotkin ~

The primary function of Big Love in Communities is to provide
a safe place for its members to grow and express themselves fully.

Rather than teaching people how to live, these groups are mutually supportive places
for exploration and learning — ways of discovering what is truly valuable in life.

They are crucibles for trial and error within proactive, loving gatherings of
like-minded people who test ideas in service for the greater good of all.

Explore Big Love’s “Five Heartbeats” For Communities:

At Big Love, we focus on “Five Heartbeats”  — ways that we experience Big Love in the here and now — Wisdom, Wholeness, Oneness, Co-Creation, and Nitty-Gritty. Our approach is to systematically explore, develop, and use  these “Five Heartbeats”  by putting our “Whole-Self In”— fully engaging all of our dimensions (physical, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual). This is the Big Love way of life.

A Meaningful, Relevant Spiritful Worldview


Practices & Experiences

Inner Knowing

Fulfilling Our Potential Via Authentic Living




Unity With All In One Cosmic Community

Naming Connections

Living the Gaia Way



Making A Difference By Living Our Callings

Peace & Harmony

Care For People & Planet

Justice & Equity


Taking Care of Business In Every Way, Every Day

All Systems Go!

Prosperity Consciousness

The Space For Grace

As we master and apply these “Five Heartbeats”  of Big Love  in every day life — using the processes and methods individually and in mutually supportive communities — more order, effectiveness, and fun will emerge.  We will experience a greater sense of safety, make more meaningful contributions, and be filled with enhanced self-worth — personally and collectively.  In short, Big Love will permeate the world.

On The Path of Community Big Love

Discover what has heart and meaning for you — and bring it fully to life in all of your essential dimensions – physical, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual. As you take the next step remember that:

  • For Communities, the approach can be used for both organizational & planning purposes
  • The approach is designed as a holistic, fully integrated process for all functionalities
  • The “Key Activities” are presented as “suggestions” — customizable for/by each group
  • They are meant to be “Spiritually Meaningful, Inspirational, Relevant, and Fun!”

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