Community Wholeness

Harmony and Functionality As A Learning Community

You live too much in your physical consciousness and your material world.
You have to learn to balance these two lives, the life of the spirit and the life
of the body. Now, if you will imagine in your heart this shining Star, this
blazing jewel, we think it will help you to attain and maintain that
balance between your inner and your outer life.   

~  White Eagle ~

A Meaningful, Relevant Spiritful Worldview


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Inner Knowing

Fulfilling Our Potential Via Authentic Living




Unity With All In One Cosmic Community

Naming Connections

Living the Gaia Way



Making A Difference By Living Our Callings

Peace & Harmony

Care For People & Planet

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Taking Care of Business In Every Way, Every Day

All Systems Go!

Prosperity Consciousness

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Bringing our physical, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual dimensions to the
fullest possible states of health, creative potential, and harmonious balance

Community Wholeness

Big Love (in each and all of its communal forms) is a “learning community”.  Our goal is to become “Whole-makers” as we create, grow, heal, harmonize, and sustain what we share together and with the world.

Big Love operates on the principle of transparency while simultaneously always respecting the privacy of individuals.  We understand that evolution is a process of “thrival” through cooperation, democracy, and interdependence — as opposed to competition and/or hierarchical “power-over” structures and means.  And, we make every effort to “walk” that “talk”.

As we come together, we define and follow common values, ethics, and behaviors — without imposing “conformist” doctrines or dogmas either inside or outside of our community.  We find creative, kind, and caring ways to resolve conflicts and disagreements in timely ways.  As Whole-makers, we seek to provide leadership through example — never losing sight of the importance of humility as we do.

Using The Big Love Approach For Community Wholeness

Healing — We address “community” dysfunctions by identifying root causes and creating fresh approaches
based on the consensus and commitment from all members

Growth — We seek ways to add depth and breadth for our community from both within and without
— never compromising our quality for the sake of greater quantity

Integrity & Coherence — We adopt and follow mindful ways to achieve consistency, balance,
and harmony for all parts of the community

Wholeness — Key Activities

Fulfilling Our Potential Via Authentic Living


  • Organizational Self-Assessments
  • Town Hall Meetings
  • “Funshops” With Experts
  • Community “Clean Up” Days


  • Trainings for Members & Leaders
  • Improving Lines/Means of Communication
  • Teams & Sub-Teams For Each Function (above)
  • Development Projects


  • Checking for Internal Balance
  • Visioning, Planning, & Review Cycles
  • Mutual Support Groups
  • Feedback from Constituents & Visitors

Ways Big Love May Partner With You

Community Connections 

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Guest Speaking

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To Implement and Grow "Big Love"