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Feeling At Home

Connecting With Yourself, Your Community, and The Universe

Seeing Yourself In Both The Most Particular

And The Broadest Perspectives

Personal – “The Me”

Personal "Me"
  •   Physically –  Knowing & caring for your body
  •   Emotionally – Experiencing your feelings
  •   Mentally – Processing thoughts and ideas
  •   Socially  – Interacting with others & the world
  •   Spiritually — Connecting with Spirit

Communal – “The We”

Communal "We"
  •   Interactive –  Encountering other people & things
  •   Interconnected – Interfacing actively with all of life
  •   Interdependent – Understanding that “there is only one of us here”
  •   Co-Creative  – Working together for the highest good
  •   Supportive — Engaging others in mutually reciprocal ways

Universal – “The All”

Universal -- "The All"
  •   Omni-Essenscent –  Knowing the unity of all creation
  •   Evolving – Connecting with the dynamic process of unfoldment
  •   Directional – Perceiving a pattern of purposeful unfoldment
  •   Ecological  – Recognizing the interdependence of all
  •   Participative — Acknowledge that everything plays a vital role

Feeling At Home By Being Oriented!


We generally feel the most “grounded” when we have a clear orientation in our relationships.  Big Love invites us to find ourselves at three levels: “The Personal” — who we really are; “The Communal” — the ways we connect and function with other people and our environment; and, “The Universal” — how do we find ourselves in and relate to “The Big Picture”?  Consider the following brief introductions below as an invitation to further exploration:

Personal – “The Me” — When we really stop to reflect on ourselves, we quickly observe that we are multidimensional creations.  Big Love’s metaphor for this is a “flower” — with the petals representing our Physical, Emotional, Mental, Social, and Spiritual dimensions. At our essence, we are “Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience.”  But to fulfill our callings and enjoy the fulfillment of “Living TA-DA Today!“, we need to know and put our whole-selves in; that’s the “Hokey-Pokey” of Life!

Communal – “The We”  — One of the most powerful insights emerging in the post-Darwinian age– one that the world’s spiritual traditions have advanced for millennia — is that success in evolution (and in life) is achieved by the most cooperative (not necessarily by the strongest or “fittest”).  Ultimately, it’s not about “power over” but “power with”. All of creation operates in mysterious and seemingly magical interdependent ways. It is important to honor the unique individuality of each component part while also recognizing the paramount importance of mutuality, reciprocity, and the overall ecology of the whole.
Universal — “The All” — Our post-modern, materialistic society has tended to see the human species as separate from rather than part of the whole of creation. Furthermore, since the Enlightenment a great schism between science and spirituality has contributed to even greater perceived differences within humankind itself — including a growing divergence between humanistic and supernatural points of view.  To fully function effectively in the world, it’s time to heal these wounds and put the “oneness”  (the “uni-“) back into the the universe.  The best way to move in that direction is for each of us to see our relationship to the whole – “The All” — in clearer perspective and express those insights in the way we each live.
Read More — To go deeper into this subject, read our post “I’m Not Lost, I’m Just Exploring” by clicking here.

Big Love’s “How To’s” For Feeling At Home

Here are some practical ways for “Feeling More At Home” in your life.  For further information about them, Contact Us.

Crescendence Diagram

Soul Stirrings

Big Love’s “Soul Stirrings” course is all about creating a spirit-based strategy for your life.  In its seven sections you’ll discover your Vision, Values, Purpose, and Mission — continuing to set Goals, get into Action, and ultimately be in Celebration of all you’ve accomplished.  As you become firmly anchored in both your being-ness and doing-ness, you’ll discover that you’re “Living A Rich, Juicy Life That is Transformative For All!”

Honoring All Traditions

Honoring All Traditions

In “Honoring Traditions“, we explore the primary spiritual traditions of the world.  Our intention is more than simply surveying them.  Our quest is to discover what each has to offer to us, how we might best honor them, and what things they share in common.  Informed by teachings from the Dalai Lama (A Kinship of Faiths and Beyond Religion), we imagine how humankind might transcend but included them to realize more peace and happiness in the world. [Coming Soon!]

Creative Cosmology

Understanding — and perhaps even reconciling — the story of creation as told in Genesis and the first chapter of the Gospel of John with the modern cosmology of “The Big Bang” and Quantum Mechanics is a thought-provoking inquiry. Surprisingly, we find that they share more in common that we might have imagined — and enrich our lives in relevant, meaningful ways. [Coming soon!]

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