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Personal Spirituality

Personal Spirituality

Personal Spirituality

  •   Personal –  Intuitively Known vs. Externally Imposed
  •   Dynamic – Principled vs. Creedal
  •   Evolutionary – Cosmological vs. Theological
  •   Experiential  – Natural & Mysterious vs. Supernatural
  •   Present Moment — The “Here & Now” vs. “Here-After”

Authentic Living

Living TA-DA Today!

Inspired Living

  •   Coherent –  Beliefs and Action Fully Aligned
  •   All-Inclusive – “Putting Our Whole-Selves In”
  •   Purposeful – Enacting Our Deepest Dreams
  •   Impactful  – Making A Difference As Spiritual Activists
  •   Fulfilling — Living “TA-DA! Today – and Every Day

 Living TA-DA Today!

As an introductory starting point for Big Love’s concepts of “Personal Spirituality“, “Inspired Living“, and “Spiritful Living” and how they interrelate, here’s a brief overview:

Personal Spirituality — A person’s spiritual perspective which serves as a way of making sense of life and that provides a practical, meaningful, and relevant foundation for guiding day to day choices and activities; it is a viewpoint that integrates intuitive knowing, intellectual study, contemplation, and the mystery, awe, and wonder of actual experience.

Inspired Living — This is the practice of “walking the talk” — of having the freedom and courage to live as love; it is connecting with what is true for you and living it in the world; and, it is also being mindful to “feedback” received through engaged actions and making appropriate adjustments and responses.
Spiritful Living — As we bring Personal Spirituality and Inspired Living into balanced, reciprocal, and mutually supportive harmony, we experience the wonders and joys of “Spiritful Living”; how we “be and are” aligns with the Universe; we experience greater fulfillment; at Big Love, we refer to this as “Living TA-DA Today!”.
Read More — To go deeper into this subject, read our post “What Makes Your World Go Round” by clicking here.

Taking It Deeper — Big Love’s “How To’s” For Spiritful Living

Here are some practical ways to move to new levels of Spiritful Living in your life.  For further information about them, Contact Us.

14 Life Changing Words

To allow your Personal Spirituality to live fully in your day to day experience, it’s important to create your own “Credo” (what you believe) and then summarize it in a way that you can recite in “at gunpoint”.  Big Love’s approach is to express a Credo in just a few words.  “14 Life-Changing Words” is a teaching example — and perhaps one you might find useful in your life!

Crescendence Diagram

In The Flow of Life

There is a natural rhythm of life — a generalized flow we all follow. It’s been described as “The Human Life Cycle” (Erik Erikson); “The Ages of A Man’s Life” (Shakespeare); or “The Stages of Life” (the Hindu tradition).  Most of us follow it unconsciously. Because our tasks by our age, it’s helpful to keep the flow in perspective — which is what we do in our “Crescendence” course.

Heartful Values

Knowing our personal values — what has the deepest heart and meaning for us — provides an essential context for Inspired Living. Based on the best practices of life coaching and spiritual direction practices, Big Love’s course “Heartful Living” provides a tangible and helpful way for you to connect with what matters most to you — the basic things that inspire and motivate you.

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