Personal Co-Creation

Living Our Callings – Making A Difference

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones
you did do. So throw off the bowlines. 
Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails.  

~ Mark Twain ~

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Accessing and fully enacting the power of imagination in creative, powerful,
and proactive ways to make a difference for ourselves, others, and all of creation.

Personal Co-Creation

To live authentically is to be and do who we came here to be.  In some spiritual traditions, we are told that our purpose is written in our heart — or in our bones.  In his book The Mature MindGene Cohen the late psychiatrist and former Director of the National Institute on Aging, wrote of “the Inner Push”, describing it as”the impelling force of inner drives, desires, and urges that wax and wane throughout life.”

Whatever we may call them, these natural but unseen, powerful “forces” call us to do things during our life — often in ways that transcend personal and selfish motives. To the extent we are able to align with “The Heart of the Universe”, we become “Co-Creators” with the Universe itself.

At Big Love, we call this “Spiritual Activism”. That’s because our creative acts flow out of spirit and our desire to serve. Moved by a desire to leave the world a better place than when we arrived, we channel our efforts — no matter how big or how small — to that end.

Using The Big Love Approach For Personal Co-Creation

Peace & Harmony — We endeavor to increase the presence of greater love and more loving ways as an experienced reality in all that we say and do, promoting oneness as an ideal

Caring For People & Planet — We act with loving kindness toward others and promote ecologically sound behaviors
to sustain nature and care for the biosphere, our home

Justice & Equity — We let compassion and empathy guide our actions and creative works,
recognizing that what happens to another is also happening to us

Co- Creation — Key Activities

Making A Difference By Living Our Callings Fully and Boldly

Peace & Harmony

  • Practice “Inner Peace”
  • Become A More Generous “Listener”
  • Join A Peace-Keeping Team or Group
  • Let Your Home Become More of A Sanctuary

Caring For Others & Planet

  • Charity Begins At Home — Demonstrate It!
  • Join An Outreach Program That “Fits” You
  • Reduce Your “Carbon Footprint”
  • Practice “Loving-Kindness” Every Day

Justice & Equality

  • Become More of A “Spiritual Activist”
  • Bless Others & The Planet – “Namaste”
  • Take A Stance For Good – Join A Cause
  • Support People You Admire

Ways Big Love May Partner With You

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