Personal Wholeness

Being Healed, Whoie, and Healthy In Every Way

As human beings we have a divided nature – partly physical, but essentially spiritual. We are constantly batted by two
conflicting forces. One force is the fierce downward thrust of our past conditioning as separate, self-oriented, physical
creatures. Yet built into our very nature is an inner drive that will not let us be satisfied with a life governed only by biological
laws. Some inner evolutionary imperative is constantly exhorting us to grow, to reach for the highest that we can conceive.  

~ Eknath Easwaran ~

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Bringing our physical, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual dimensions to
the fullest possible states of health, creative potential, and harmonious balance.

Personal Wholeness

By our very nature, we are complex, multidimensional beings. As a result, it is relatively common to experience “dis-ease” within and among the many “parts” of ourselves — and to fail to fully develop all essential aspects of ourselves.

So, at the personal level we are call to be “Whole-Makers”. We heal what needs to be healed and nurture those parts of us in need of growth. We also take steps to bring everything into harmony — so that everything works together for our best. Because we are all unique expressions of the universe, this work in necessarily individualized.

Of critical importance is keeping what Paul Tillich described as our “vertical” (spiritual)  and “horizontal” (earthly) dimensions working together and in sync. By developing an ability to lead from our hearts, we infuse every moment with love — and experience (proverbially speaking) a sense of heaven on earth.

Using The Big Love Approach For Personal Wholeness

Healing — We take proactive steps to bring all aspects of ourselves to fullest health
and vitality — including preventative actions to sustain our well-being

Growth — We engage in processes that empower us to more fully realize
all of our potential and to achieve the dreams of our heart

Integrity & Coherence — We consciously seek balance in our lives, finding ways
to resolve apparent internal conflicts to maintain inner and outer harmony

Wholeness — Key Activities

Fulfilling Our Potential Via Authentic Living


  • Physical Treatments (Reiki, Chiro, Diet, etc)
  • Spiritual Counseling
  • Retreats & Workshops
  • Daily Practices (Exercise, Yoga, Tai Chi, etc)


  • Personal Development Classes/Support Groups
  • Spiritual Direction
  • Trying New Things, e.g. “Internships”
  • Explorations, e.g. “Field Trips”


  • Observing Life’s Patterns
  • Visioning & Planning
  • Being Coached for Accountability
  • Validating That Actions Match “Beliefs”/Desires

Ways Big Love May Partner With You

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Guidance For Your Spiritful Journey


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