Personal Wisdom

A Meaningful, Relevant, Spiritual Worldview

There are some things no man can specialize in for anybody else.
All vital experiences

are individual. There are no proxies for the soul.

~ Harry Emerson Fosdick ~

The spiritual life is the discovery of the self God meant us to be
so that who we are can be God’s gift to the rest of the world.

~ Joan Crittister ~

A Meaningful, Relevant Spiritful Worldview


Practices & Experiences

Inner Knowing

Fulfilling Our Potential Via Authentic Living




Unity With All In One Cosmic Community

Naming Connections

Living the Gaia Way



Making A Difference By Living Our Callings

Peace & Harmony

Care For People & Planet

Justice & Equity


Taking Care of Business In Every Way, Every Day

All Systems Go!

Prosperity Consciousness

The Space For Grace

Jesus As Buddha


Having a heart-felt, conscious spirituality that gives life purpose and meaning –
with ever-unfolding clarity of the interrelationships of all of creation.

Personal Wisdom

To have Wisdom is to have a world view that makes sense out of our lives — helping us to understand our world and how we relate to it, to others, and to all living things.  Personal Wisdom provides us with meaning, purpose, and guidance for every day living.

While we may long for “ready-made” Wisdom, ultimately developing it is an individual task and responsibility.  Metaphysician Emmet Fox said that spiritual work is like eating – we can pay others to do many things for us, but we have to ingest food by ourselves.  So it is with our Personal Wisdom. We’re each called to discover for ourselves what we truly value and believe.

Psychologist James Hillman wrote: “It is of paramount importance that our spirituality be validated or confirmed by fidelity of personal experience….Only what is experientially true is worthy of a mature spirituality.”.  As we form our Personal Wisdom, we must put it to the test – by living it every day, in every way.

Using The Big Love Approach For Personal Wisdom

Knowledge — We absorb, analyze, and assimilate information and teachings from a broad variety of perspectives: the sciences, history & the humanities, and the sacred & spiritual-religious
Practices & Experiences — We embody learning in experiential ways, using all of our senses in rituals,
exploration of nature, and communion with others
Inner Knowing — We contemplate all that’s been revealed by turning within
and connecting with our deeper, integrative, and intuitive dimensions

Wisdom — Key Activities

A Meaningful, Relevant Spiritful World View


  • Spiritual Traditions
  • “4 M’s” – Metaphysics, Mysticism, Meditation, & Mindfulness
  • Cosmology & Creation
  • Sciences (Hard & Soft)

Practices & Experiences

  • Study “Scriptures”
  • Observe & Engage Life
  • Participate in Groups
  • Join in Services, Rituals Celebrations (Holidays, etc), & Events

Inner Knowing

  • Prayer & Meditation
  • Contemplation
  • Reflection
  • Connect with Others in Compassionate & Empathic Ways

Ways Big Love May Partner With You

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Guidance For Your Spiritful Journey


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