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Big Love brings a fresh, new, and visionary approach to life — one brimming with spirit, meaning, inspiration, relevance, and fun for today’s world.

Our aim is to inspire, cultivate, and empower the best in each of us to co-create the best for all of us and for all creation.

Big Love may be for you if some or all of the topics is the following graphic call out to you:


Composite Overview of Big Love

Experiencing Big Love By …


  • FEELING MORE INSPIRED Big Love uplifts and guides us.
  • FINDING GREATER CONNECTEDNESS – Big Love brings together like-minded, like-hearted people.
  • BEING FREER AND BRAVER – Big Love helps us to courageously bring our dreams to life.
  • FEELING MORE AT HOME – Big Love explores all aspects of our relationships.
  • BEING MORE CENTERED – Big Love expands our consciousness.
  • FEELING MORE GROUNDED – Big Love provides a fully-integrated approach to life.
  • FEELING FULLY ALIVE –  Big Love liberates us to live full out.

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Big Love Is the “Go-To For How-To” Live More Spiritfully — Every Day In Every Way!

All too often, we have opportunities to learn new ideas about life, but are left to ourselves when it comes to putting them into action.  We learn the “whats” to do, but not “how-to’s”. Big Love is much more than just a philosophy.   At Big Love, one of our primary commitments is to provide common-sense,  pragmatic education, tools, and support systems to handle both the recurring and periodic “challenges” of life with greater ease, grace, and delight.

For more information, scroll down and/or explore other pages of this website for description of our many programs — and ways that we might partner with you.  If you have questions, please let us know via our Contact Us page.

Think of Big Love As Your Partner For Living More Spiritfully — Every Day in Every Way!

  • Big Love Melds Personal Spirituality With Authentic Living To Create A LIfestyle Based on “Spiritual Living”. This Leads  To  Greater Personal Fulfillment and The Creation Of A Better World For All.
  • In Big Love “We Walk Our Talk”, Experiencing More Personal Coherence and Inner Peace With Great Courage and Freedom To Live As Love.
  • Through Spiritful Living We Realize Our Fullest Potential, Becoming Spiritual Activists and Making A Bigger Difference — For Ourselves, Our Families, Our Communities, and The World — Far Beyond What We Would Otherwise Imagine.
  • Big Love introduces and applies a wealth of innovative processes and viewpoints that inspire new ways of living for greater fulfillment.  Our keystone practice of “Being Grounded In Five Heartbeats” is a primary example of one such unique, powerful, and proprietary approach.

Big Love’s Five Heartbeats – Building Blocks For Spiritful Living:

Wisdom Title
Wholeness Title
Oneness Title
Co-Creation Title
Nitty-Gritty Title
Big Love - Wisdom Title
Big Love - Wholeness Title
Big Love - Oneness Title
Big Love - Co-Creation Title
Big Love - Nitty-Gritty
Wisdom Title
Big Love - Wisdom Title
Wholeness Title
Big Love - Wholeness Title
Oneness Title
Big Love - Oneness Title
Co-Creation Title
Big Love - Co-Creation Title
Nitty-Gritty Title
Big Love - Nitty-Gritty

Big Love — The “Go-To For How-To” For “Living TA-DA Today!”

Big Love explores life in holistic, multi-dimensional ways, with emphasis on two ways of “Being Present” (“Feeling At Home” and “Being Centered”) and two “Practices” (“Spiritful Living” and “Being Grounded”).  These are summarized briefly below.

To learn more about the details, including the pragmatic tools offered for bringing them to life (in practical and effective ways), visit the pages linked from each blurb.


Feeling At Home

As we increase our knowledge about ourselves, our communities, and our universe, we establish a solid foundation for relating to the world.  Feeling At Home, we have dependable reference points — so that we can explore our options and deal with situations and circumstances in ways of greatest benefit to ourselves and all.  To learn more, click here.

Spiritful Living

Creating a “Personal Spirituality” and applying it via “Authentic Living” are the two key components of “Spiritful Living“. This approach leads to increased coherence, confidence, and integrity because we each “Walk Our Talk”. As a result, we find greater satisfaction and fulfillment, moving in the direction of our dreams and making more of a difference in the world! We call this “Living TA-DA Today!“To learn more, click here.

Safety, Meaning, and Self-Worth

Being Centered

There are three existential issues that we all face — needs that arise in day-to-day life.  These are Safety, Meaning, and Self-Worth. Recognizing how we’re experiencing them and taking steps for find comfort when things aren’t quite “right” helps us in Being Centered — ready, willing, and able to handle both challenges and do what we want most to do. To learn more, click here.

Five Heartbeats

Being Grounded With Five Heartbeats

Five Heartbeats” embody Big Love’s foundational approach for living a “rich, juicy, and transformative life”.  By mindfully developing and tending to strategies and tactics for the areas of  “Wisdom“, “Wholeness“, “Oneness“, “Co-Creation“, and “Nitty-Gritty“, we equip ourselves with all that is necessary for finding fulfillment and contributing to the greatest good for ourselves, others, and all of creation.   To learn more, click here.

It’s Time For A Fresh, New, Spiritful World View –

One Appropriate For The 21st-Century!

A New World View

Traditional theologies served societies well in prior ages. But with the growth of knowledge and the advent of globalization,  they no longer function as effectively as a spiritful basis for living in our Post-Modern world.

At Big Love, we see a shift from supernatural philosophies toward a more natural worldview — one accommodating both the amazing discoveries science continues to show us and the “magic” of mysteries yet to be fully revealed. As we allow science and spirituality to work together, we see everything with greater awe and wonder.  It is as if everything is holy now!

In our approach, we are open and inclusively curious about how to co-create a “New Story” — a world view, ethics, and morality that will work for the best and highest good of all creation appropriate for our times (and beyond). Whatever your background, the intentions and processes of Big Love can support you, your family,  and your community. You are welcome here. We hope that you will join us in a gentle, willing exploration of the great yet to be!  Big Love works for all!

[For additional information about why this is “the time” for Big Love, read our “Backgrounder Report” by clicking here.]


Holy Now by Peter Mayer

Singer-songwriter Peter Mayer captures the essence of the movement toward a new spiritful consciousness in his song “Holy Now” in this video created by Connie Barlow (see for info).

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